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Our Policies

Accessible, discoverable, reusable and shareable research

As a leading academic research publisher in Pakistan, policies are essential. We believe in innovative and creative ideas to help the research community by ensuring authors protect them against infringement of intellectual property data privacy legislation and guarantees that research is accessible, discovered, reusable and shareable globally.

Plagiarism Policy

The manuscript should be original, we check the plagiarism upon submission. If more than 20% plagiarism is found in a manuscript, it will be returned to the writer with a plagiarism report. The submitted manuscript should not be submitted anywhere. If our editor finds stealing content, figures, charts, and tables, the manuscript will be rejected, and legit action will be taken.

Data Privacy

We never sell or share the information. The user data that we received at the time of registration includes name, password, email address, home address, contact information. We utilise the information to send promotions, surveys, articles, and journals.

Conflict of Interest

To ensure the compliance and to disclose the existing the conflict of interests, our editorial board can request authors to state the roles of the funding agencies by providing the statements, we follow conflict of interests in peer-reviewed medical journal by publication ethics communication.

Peer-Review Policy

We have an in-house peer-review process, and for publication, all the manuscripts pass the peer-review process. The peer-review process ensures the quality of research and maintains authenticity. The process is only The expert reviewer is only executed by the discipline expert who has sufficient experience and is PhD qualified.

Open Access Policy

All the research we published is open access to all the researchers globally. Open access aims to assist the research community, uplift the research standards, and increase readers' knowledge. Open access research available through licensing and permit unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any platform.

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