Best Journal to Publish Research Paper

  • August 31, 2023

Find the Academic Journal that Fits Your Work

Every researcher wants to know the best journal to publish research paper. It is not easy to find out the best journal to publish research paper. Besides that, it is also difficult to get acceptance from the best journal to publish research paper in it. The key reason behind the rejection of any manuscript by the editorial board is not fulfill the journal’s requirements. Many times it happens that the researcher or author does not follow the guidelines of the journal. They also provide a manuscript that is not according to the taste and needs of the common journal readers. Currently, there are thousands of journals fulfilling the needs of researchers and organizations. Still, it is such a difficult job to find out which publication is best for research paper or how to find out an appropriate journal to publish a research paper.

Although it is difficult to publish a research paper in an appropriate journal with a good impact factor. There are some tips that prevent you from hopelessness. These tips also improve your chance of acceptance for paper publishing in a journal that is suitable for your area of research. It is better to conduct research in your core area of study to find an appropriate readership for the journal.

How to Get a Paper Published in a Journal

Remember one thing there is no single rule to publish your paper in any research journal while there are some tips that can help you in your publications. You can use some tools that can help you in finding some journals that are suitable for you to publish a paper.

As journals are playing a key role in research, on the other hand, it is also true that journals are businesses too. They promote different areas of research and benefit the research community by exchanging ideas. The extreme competition in a publication makes it essential for the journals to publish the most engaging material. The reason behind the engagement is that it can bring the readers.

The journals evaluate papers on different scales of merits. It is important to note that every journal has its own policy and merits and demerits. Now the question comes to the mind of a researcher how do I decide which journal to publish the research paper? If you want to publish your research, try to meet the requirements of the journals including their business demands. There are some tips that can help you to publish your research in an appropriate journal. Please read the tips carefully.

Researching Your Target Journal’s Goals and Scope

It is better to read the journal guidelines carefully. Mostly, these guidelines are given in the “About us” or “Author guideline” section. The goals and scope of journals are described here in any of these sections. The explanation of submission criteria is also given there. The journal guidelines explain what type of research papers the editorial board will accept and what will not.

Read different articles published in your target journals

Reading different research papers is a good idea that helps you a lot to understand the needs of a research journal. It is better to start reading different research papers even before writing a manuscript or even before writing the draft for your research. Reading different research papers will enhance your understanding of research papers that the editorial board prefers to publish. You may consider the journal most appropriate to your area of research as the best journal to publish research paper.

Collect the list of journals in your area of research

While collecting the information regarding the journals, it is better to extend the research scope. the researchers should read different journals that publish research papers similar to their field of research. If you take interest to conduct research regarding any niche, you may read journals regarding that specific topic. If you publish your research paper in an appropriate journal, there will be more chances to get more readers and more subscribers who will read your paper if they find it relevant.

Impact Factor

The impact factor is the best way to know the best journal to publish research paper. It is the impact factor that shows how much the published research in any particular journal is cited again in next year’s journals. We can have an example of research papers that were published in 2020 and 2021, were cited in 2022. If there is a higher impact factor, there will be more chances to get your journal published.  It is because the research advisors and supervisors focus on searching research journals with higher impact factors for their students.

It is an impact factor that shows the credibility of the journal. If there is a higher impact factor, the reputation of the journal will be credible. You may consider the best journal to publish research paper that has a high impact factor. If you want to publish your research paper in a prestigious journal with a higher impact factor, then start the efforts right now. Although there are different other methods related to the quality of the journal, the researchers consider the impact factor is still the most reliable. Please remember one thing it is difficult for you to publish a research paper in a high-impact factor journal if you have less research experience. In that case, you may start publication from a less impact-factor journal.

Examine Submission Process

There are various journals you can easily find in your field. Now it is time to examine the manuscript submission process. You may consider how long is the submission process. It is a peer review journal or the editorial board use any other technique to review? It is a closed or open accesses journal? How does the board give weightage to the research paper? These are some points that are essential to consider while selecting any journal for publication.

Draft Manuscript

Draft your manuscript for the research journal that suits you the most. If you feel that there are some journals that can accept your manuscript, try to approach that is suitable for your research. If you do not find any journal suitable for your manuscript, you may edit your manuscript to make it according to the standards of any journal. This editing can help you a lot to make your research published in any reputable journal.

Research publication is such a difficult job, especially after writing the manuscript, it is such a difficult task to find an appropriate journal to publish research. Consideration of the points given above can help the research students to publish their research in a reputable research journal.