Spry Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
The Impact of Excessive Internet Usage on the Emotional Maturity of Adolescents: A Case Study in Pakistan

Muhammad Imran | Syeda Sana Zaidi | Fariha Rehan |
SZABIST | Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development |
Volume: 2 | Issue : 1 (2024/01/31)


Background: Excessive internet usage has become a significant issue among adolescents and young adults, affecting their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. In the Pakistani context, this trend is particularly concerning due to limited digital literacy and awareness of the negative effects of internet overuse.

Aim: This study aims to explore the impact of excessive internet usage on the emotional maturity of adolescents in Pakistan, analyzing how limitless internet access contributes to physical, mental, and social challenges among this age group.

Methodology: The research adopts a qualitative approach, reviewing existing literature on internet abuse and its repercussions on the physical, mental, and emotional health of Pakistani adolescents. The study analyzes key factors contributing to the decline in emotional maturity due to excessive internet use.

Results: The findings indicate that high levels of internet usage are closely associated with reduced emotional maturity among adolescents. This reduction is manifested through various issues, including increased mental stress, decreased physical activity, and deteriorated social relationships.

Conclusion: The study concludes that excessive internet usage can significantly impact the emotional development and maturity of adolescents, leading to a range of mental, physical, and social problems. It underscores the need for interventions that promote balanced internet use and enhance emotional resilience among Pakistani youth.