Political Instability & Economic Growth
Determinants of Political Instability and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A Review Study

Abdul Hafeez |
IBA Community School | Sukkur |
Volume: 1 | Issue : 2 (2023/12/01)


Background and Aim: Political instability has the potential to severely disrupt the economic growth of a country, inducing long-term economic dilemmas. Considering the current political scenario of Pakistan, the present study is intended to review the determinants of political instability and economic growth in the state.

Methodology: This study used a qualitative method. The data was collected through a number of channels (websites, databases, and search engines) and relevant articles were then reviewed to offer synthesized outcomes.

Findings: It has been noted in previous studies that political instability leads the country towards an economic downturn and creates unrest in the social and economic environment, thus disrupting the social peace of the country. Corruption, inadequate/improper economic policy, security issues, foreign aid and
investment, institutional weakness, infrastructure development, civil-military relations and political reforms are the main issues that create uncertainty and instability in the country and adversely influence the economic growth of the country.

Conclusion: The outcomes indicate that the distinct factors allied with political instability are the prime agents of the disrupted economic growth of Pakistan. Hence, the government ought to ensure measures to bring political stability to the state with the aim of fostering better economic outcomes in the future.