Political Instability & Economic Growth
Unraveling the Economic Collapse in Pakistan: A ThematicAnalysis of Unemployment and Inflation through the Lenz of Educationist

Shahzad Haider |
Volume: 1 | Issue : 2 (2023/12/01)


Aim: The study primarily aimed to investigate the interlinkage between unemployment and increasing inflation rate and how they contribute to economic collapse in Pakistan. The study examines the effects of inflation on Pakistan’s economy and how it affects the locals and the employment rate in Pakistan.

Methodology: This study comprises a qualitative research design. Semi- structured interviews were employed through thematic analysis. Open-ended questions were used to guide the interviews. The participants included 6 senior-level economists from a private organization in Pakistan. The similar responses of the participants were then divided into different themes.

Results: The outcomes of the study revealed that elevating crime rate, hyperinflation, declining trade rate,
excessive foreign debt and recession accelerate the contribution of increasing inflation and unemployment to economic collapse.

Conclusion: The study concluded the interlinkage between increasing inflation and unemployment and its
effects on Pakistan’s economy