Drawbacks of E-Learning for the Toddlers
Drawbacks of E-Learning for the Toddlers and their Possible Solutions: A Detailed Study

Muhammad Imran |
Volume: 1 | Issue : 1 (2022/06/10)


E-learning in the twenty-first century has transformed the way education for toddlers is perceived. The use of electronic gadgets, including mobiles, tablets and computers, is fast changing the landscape of education and learning. Parents, teachers and caregivers are endowed with the responsibility of inclusion of e-learning in their teaching practices. The drawbacks of certain e-learning practices such as harms of mobile devices, reduce the use of computers, electronic access with internet facilities in the case of e-books use, the teachers' attitude, access and understanding towards e-learning and the feelings of being disconnected and isolated during online teaching and learning are discussed. The solutions to the problems form part of the discussion also.

The drawbacks converge at a point where there are no possible alternatives to e-learning except the traditional mode of teaching and learning. The electronic knowledge for the age group of toddlers (1-3 years) is mediated with the responses of the parents, teachers and caregivers. Therefore, many factors both internal and external (associated with the use of electronic gadgets, teachers' perception and experience of e-learning, and electronic access and screen time in the case of e-books use) are discussed. The literature review technique with the subsequent sections to discuss the research results and findings aided with discussion is the selected procedure. There are certain drawbacks for the use of e-learning for toddlers, and the possible solutions to the problems indicate that toddlers' education via e-learning is mediated through the interaction of multiple factors.

Keywords: E-learning, toddlers, drawbacks of online learning, education for toddlers.