Educational Support Provision Offered
Parental and Peer Pressure Results on Student's Social and Academic Outcome

Sadiya Azeem Durrani | Syeda Maryium Bukhari |
Szabist University | Haque Academy School |
Volume: 2 | Issue : 2 (2023/12/15)


Background: From early childhood, thef amily shapes a child's character. A child's preferences, aversions, and tastes are determined greatly by the parents, particularly in nourishment and values. When kids enter school, they interact and open up with the bigger gathering of their peers. This gathering brings new thoughts and encounters. Peer Pressure emerges when students' activities are affected by this company.

Aim: The research was conducted to find out the effect of peer and parental pressure on students' social and academic performance.

Methods: A cross-sectional quantitative study was conducted. A self-administered questionnaire was used. For extracting the sample, simple random sampling was used. The sample size was 120 students of which 60 were males and 60 were females. The statistical analysis was done via Google Docs. academic and social. It affects the academic performance of male students in the particular and social performance of female students rather than their academic performance. 182

Conclusion: Parents in the contemporary world take reasonable precautions to keep their children from trouble. Parents teach them what they think is right and try to keep them from exposure to negative peer pressure. Teens will be teens no matter what you do, and they make mistakes. The important part is how to deal with it. If a teen is being influenced by other teens, there are some tricks to help them get back on track.