Educational Support Provision Offered
Educational Support Provision Offered to Children Belonging to Disadvantaged Communities

Sanam Khuhro | Asma Khuhro |
Volume: 2 | Issue : 2 (2023/12/01)


Access to education is an abecedarian mortalright, and it's critical in promoting social and profitable development. still, there are still numerous challenges to equal access to education for all, particularly for children from underprivileged communities (United Nations, 2015).

Problem Statement: In the contemporary era, education stands as the cornerstone for achieving a prosperous future. It is unfortunate that many underprivileged communities, especially those living in “kachi abadis” find themselves in situation were young children are compelled to work to support their families as they continue their formal education. This study aims to find the efficiency of formal Education for the disadvantaged community/kachi abadis, and to explore the underlying challenges to schools and children in the Formal and Non-Formal Education system.

Methodology: For this research, this researcher has considered understanding the challenges faced by teachers, students, and school ‘Lower Gizri Government school PNT colony’. This is a qualitative research study, and the participants will be 10 teachers and 10 students from ‘Lower Gizri Government school PNT colony’. Thematic analysis was used for this study.

Results: The findings of this study highlight that tailored teaching methods and consistent communication with parents emerge as essential strategies to ensure that students receive personalized attention and support.

RecommendationsThis study recommends that educational institutions need to recognize and adapt to the unique circumstances of students from disadvantaged communities, including irregular attendance patterns and designed tailored curriculum to meet the needs of these students.