Educational Support Provision Offered Practices
Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) As Inter-mediator to Support Public Private Partnership in Education Sector at School Level in Sindh

Ali Gohar Chang | Abdul Hafeez | Sheema Gohar |
IBA-Public School Sukkur | Begum Nusrat Bhutto University Sukkur |
Volume: 2 | Issue : 2 (2023/12/01)


Research Aim: Given the COVID-19 pandemic,
this study attempted to develop a future vision for using
distance learning (DL) strategies to help kindergarten
(Kg) children learn English. The study was conducted
in the autumn semester of 2020-2021.
The study employed a
questionnaire method to evaluate the learning
strategies Kg children used to acquire English
language skills through DL during the COVID-19
pandemic. A questionnaire was administered to 517
parents of Kg children (females: n=464; males: n=53).
A focus group discussion was held with the parents (60)
Results: The results of both the questionnaire and
the focus group discussion revealed English teachers’
positive attitude and strategies in terms of teaching Kg
children English language skills remotely during the
COVID-19 pandemic by “often” applying electronic
activities simultaneously using educational platforms
and training children to asynchronously use different
electronic applications. Teachers encouraged children
to listen to songs and stories and to read simple books
in order to develop their listening and speaking skills.

They also helped the children complete their learning
processes according to their abilities and
tried to ensure they paid attention to the
various activities.