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Teachers Perspective about their Attitude Towards their Profession at Secondary Level in Karachi, Pakistan

Altaf Hussain | Shafiq Ur Rehman Solangi | Dr. Rozina Sewani |
Iqra University | SMIU |
Volume: 2 | Issue : 2 (2023/12/01)


Introduction: This research aimed to explore the attitudes of secondary school teachers in District South Karachi towards the teaching profession. Adopting a simple descriptive survey design, the study targeted all secondary school teachers in District South, Karachi, Pakistan. The sample, randomly selected through a simple random sampling technique, comprised 150 secondary school teachers, including 70 males and 80 females from public sector secondary schools.

Problem Statement: Despite the critical role of teacher attitudes in shaping the educational landscape, a nuanced understanding of public secondary school teachers' perspectives on the teaching profession in District South Karachi is lacking. This research seeks to address this gap by investigating the factors influencing teacher attitudes and their implications for the overall teaching and learning environment.

Methodology: Data collection involved the use of an attitude questionnaire, categorizing responses on  scale of 1 to 5. A cut-off score of 3 was established, with mean scores above 3 indicating a satisfactory attitude and scores below 3 reflecting an unsatisfactory attitude towards the teaching profession. Descriptive statistics, frequency, percentage, T-tests, and one-way ANOVA were employed to analyze the data. 

Results: The study revealed no statistically significant variations in teacher attitudes based on qualifications or gender. However, a significant difference emerged concerning teachers' perceptions derived from their teaching experience. Teachers exhibited a notably positive attitude towards the teaching profession, particularly regarding motivation in their instructional practices 

Recommendations: This research suggests a need for heightened awareness and attention to teacher attitudes towards the teaching profession. The findings underscore the importance of fostering positive teacher-student and teacher-colleague relationships, emphasizing the role of motivation in teaching practices. Educational stakeholders are encouraged to implement initiatives that enhance teacher motivation, ultimately contributing to an enriched teaching and learning environment.

KeywordsTeacher Attitude, Relationship with Students, Relationship with Colleagues, Teaching Profession,