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The Role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in Enhancing Teachers’ Teaching Competencies (TTC) During Pandemic Situation

Sadia Abdul Ghaffar | Syeda Sana Zaidi | Abid Ali |
IOBM | Buitems |
Volume: 2 | Issue : 2 (2023/12/01)


Introduction: This research explores the impact of Human Resource Management (HRM) on improving teachers' teaching practices amidst pandemic challenges. The study investigates the relationship between HRM and teachers' teaching competencies, aiming to contribute insights into the crucial role of HRM in fostering effective teaching during unprecedented situations.

Problem Statement: Unprecedented situations, such as the ongoing pandemic, have posed challenges to teachers, necessitating adaptability in teaching practices. This study addresses the need to examine how HRM interventions can enhance teachers' competencies in navigating these challenges, ultimately benefiting both educators and students.

Methodology: The research employed a quantitative approach, utilizing a survey questionnaire with Likert scale responses from 12085 elementary school teachers. Data analysis involved statistical techniques using SPSS, including frequency tests, descriptive statistics, reliability analysis, Pearson correlation, and regression analysis.

Results: Analysis of respondents' profiles revealed a predominantly female, married, and academically diverse group of teachers. Descriptive statistics indicated moderate levels of Human Resource Management (Mean=1.7575) and Teachers' Teaching Competencies (Mean=1.7150). The reliability analysis confirmed the consistency of the data (Cronbach’s Alpha HRM=0.869, TTC=0.861). Correlation analysis demonstrated a significant positive relationship between HRM and TTC (r=0.527, p<0.01). Regression analysis further supported a significant impact of HRM on TTC (R=0.278, p<0.05).

Recommendations: Based on the findings, it is recommended that educational institutions and policymakers prioritize HRM strategies to enhance teachers' teaching competencies during challenging circumstances. Continuous professional development and support from HRM can contribute to improved teaching practices, ultimately benefiting the overall quality of education. This research provides valuable insights for educators, administrators, and policymakers seeking effective strategies to navigate educational challenges during pandemics.

Keywords: Human Resource Management (HRM), Teaching Competencies, Pandemic Teacher Development, Educational Resilience