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Enhancing Teaching Practices in the 21st Century an Analysis of University Teachers' TPACK Competency

Zahid Hussain Sahito | Prof Dr. Abdul Sattar Almani |
Education University of Sindh |
Volume: 2 | Issue : 2 (2023/12/01)


Introduction: In the constantly changing 21st century, unified curricula, new technologies, and integrated knowledge define educational paradigms. This requires university teacher to improve their teamwork, digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, pedagogy, and technology skills. These abilities must be integrated to improve education and student success. TPACK is a theory for integrating technology into teaching. This study evaluates university teachers' TPACK and domain comprehension, concentrating on technology integration in teaching and learning.

Problem Statement: TPACK is crucial to modern education, yet Sindh public sector university teachers' technology integration skills are not investigated. This study investigates the public sector university teachers' TPACK knowledge of Technology, Content, Pedagogy, and Technology.

MethodologyThis study used quantitative descriptive method to collects cross-sectional data using purposive sampling and questionnaires. The survey scales participants' replies using Likert scale questions from 1 (strongly disagreed) to 5 (strongly agreed). A mean score of 4.0 or higher indicates high trust in using technology for modern education. The 290 university teachers are 85.9% female and 14.1% male. The analysis considers age, education, and professional goals. Technology Knowledge  and pedagogical topic understanding scores are assessed for certain subjects.
ResultsBoth male and female public sector university teachers have TPACK expertise, according to the study. However, gender mean scores indicate a statistically insignificant difference. Based on domain-specific educational topic awareness, science has the highest comprehension and mathematics the lowest. Content analysis demonstrates teachers' embrace of classroom technology.
RecommendationsPublic sector university teachers need targeted professional development to boost their TPACK confidence. Technology pedagogy and topic understanding should be prioritized in lower comprehension subjects. These proposals aim to fill TPACK knowledge gaps, improving technology integration in teaching and learning.

Key words: Educational Technology, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)