Political Instability & Economic Growth
Exploring the Drivers of Youth Unemployment in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Review

Sharjeel Ahmed |
Bahria University |
Volume: 2 | Issue : 1 (2024/01/01)


Background: One of the major issues faced by countries globally is unemployment, predominantly youth

unemployment. Youth unemployment has been a significant issue for many developing countries including Pakistan.

Aim: The current study mainly aims to examine the factors affecting the employment rate among the youth in Pakistan.

Methodology: The study comprises a review design that analyses the factors for youth unemployment identified as insufficient investment rate, overpopulation, political unrest, and the backwardness of the agriculture sector. The study addresses the adolescents who are primarily affected by the recession due to the existing youth group being large.

Results: The long-term outlook for youth unemployment is relatively high, and there is a strong case for policymakers to tackle these challenges. The prevailing youth group is facing challenges in accessing employment; hence, it is important for policymakers to address these issues. The study also deliberates the necessity for an adequate environment for employment, examination of policy and the evaluation of the causes assisting in offering jobs to youth.

Conclusion: The outcomes of this study determined that insufficient investment rate, Political unrest, overpopulation and the regressive agriculture sector are the prime factors affecting youth unemployment.