Political Instability & Economic Growth
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting in Pakistan: Insights from Stakeholder Perspectives

Zehara Sultana |
Academy of Educational Excellence |
Volume: 2 | Issue : 1 (2024/01/01)


Background: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting has become a de facto in business law. Previous studies on CSR reporting only focused on the context of developed countries however in new research CSR reporting on developing countries has also started to garner attention.

Research Aim: This study aims to explore the perspectives of the stakeholders of Pakistan on Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting.

Methodology: This study used a qualitative research approach to explore the perspectives of the stakeholders. The data was collected by interviewing a diverse group of stakeholders in Pakistan. The research employed a thematic analysis for patterning the interview questions. The interviews were done with ethical consideration and with the consent of each of the participants and reporting was on par with the ethical standards for interview design.

Results: The outcomes of the study give a meticulous understanding of aspects of CSR in Pakistan and could lead the researchers, policymakers and organizations to improve CSR reporting and practices in the country. Through the perspectives of diverse groups of stakeholders, insights into the complications of CSR reporting were revealed.

Conclusion: This study has highlighted the evolving nature of CSR reporting, the institutional factor, the stakeholder’s growing role and the challenges that organizations have faced