Impact of Home-Based Schooling
Impact of Home-Based Schooling on Child Development

Tuba Naeem |
Academy of Experiential Learning |
Volume: 1 | Issue : 2 (2022/12/05)


Background: Homeschooling has been a controversial topic in the past years. Some parents tend to favour homeschooling over traditional classroom-based learning. However, at the same time, few educationalists regard homeschooling as a risk to children's future development. The available body of literature in this context is also so far inconsistent.  

Aim: The foremost purpose of the present research is exploring the perceptions of various scholars, educationalists, and parents about homeschooling. The prime incentive is to understand what the research says regarding homeschooling and what impacts homeschooling poses on children's development.

Methodology: The current study has been built upon a qualitative research design since it best complies with our research aim and hence is the most suited approach to the given research.

Findings: The outcomes drawn from the review have unveiled that before homeschooling, one should know what to expect from their role as facilitators of their children's education. The most optimal practice is to rationally consider both the optimistic as well as adverse aspects of homeschooling before electing it as the primary mode of education for your children.

Keywords: Child Development, Home Schooling, Home-Based Learning, Home-Based Schooling.