English Language Competence
English Language Competence of Mass Communication Graduates

Mushfiq Ahmed | Farhan Uddin Raja |
University of Karachi | FUUAST |
Volume: 1 | Issue : 2 (2022/12/07)


Background: Journalists in Pakistan require to have adequate know-how and a good command over the English language in order to become able to perform their duties more appropriately to the satisfaction of their employers as well as their readers. 

Research Aim: This study investigates the English language skills of mass communication graduates in Pakistan. The study fills a gap as there has been no previous research in this area. 

Methodology: This descriptive-exploratory research uses a semi-structured interview technique to get information from teachers and former students of the mass communication department of a public sector university in Karachi and to know the opinions of media professionals about the graduates of this institute. 

Findings: The outcomes drawn from the research indicated that there is a significant disconnect between what the news industry needs and what mass communication teachers are producing. The study concludes that there is a need for specific English language courses for mass communication students to prepare them adequately for the profession. 

Keywords: English language skills, journalism teaching, mass communication, news industry