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Investigating the Perceptions and Attitudes of ESL Learners Towards the Use of Immersive Reader Technology in Enhancing Reading Comprehension at the Secondary School Level

Dr. Samina Sarwat | Asma Manzoor | Abdul Shakoor | Nadia Tufail |
Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology |
Volume: 3 | Issue : 1 (2024/02/27)


Introduction: This article delves into the utilization of Immersive Reader Technology (IRT) as a tool to enhance reading comprehension among ESL students in secondary schools. It examines students' perceptions and attitudes towards IRT and its significance in educational achievement and language learning.

Methodology: The study employs various educational theories, including the Technological Acceptance Model, to analyze the effectiveness of IRT features such as text-to-speech and translation. A quantitative approach was undertaken, involving 20 male students from Ajmal Bagh Secondary School, Sadiqabad. Data collection utilized a questionnaire focused on TAM's
constructs to gauge students' perceptions and attitudes towards IRT.

Result/Findings: Findings reveal a positive perception and attitude towards IRT among the participants. They highlight its ease of use, effectiveness in enhancing reading comprehension, and overall benefits in vocabulary acquisition. The study concludes that IRT significantly improves the reading experience, promoting enjoyment and confidence among ESL learners, particularly in secondary schools.

Implication/Future Direction: The study suggests several recommendations for further enhancing the effectiveness of IRT. These include interface improvements, feature expansion, increased customization options, and ongoing feedback and research. By addressing these areas, IRT can continue to serve as a valuable tool in improving reading comprehension among ESL students, contributing to their academic success and language development.