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Assessing Secondary School Teachers' Perceptions of Their Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge in Karachi Pakistan

Dr. Rabia Ghaffar | Farzana Jabeen Khoso | Zahid Hussain Sahito |
Govt. Graduate College for Women | Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur |
Volume: 3 | Issue : 1 (2024/04/02)


Introduction: This study evaluated District South Karachi public secondary school teachers' material, pedagogical, and technological skills. Effective teaching and learning need understanding teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) as technology is increasingly integrated into teaching and learning.

Methodology: Simple descriptive survey was used. We targeted all secondary school teachers in District South Karachi, Pakistan. A random sample of 100 public secondary school teachers (26 males and 74 women) was chosen. Teachers' responses to a TPACK questionnaire were scored from severely disagree to highly agree. TPACK comprehension was considered satisfactory if scores above three.

Results/Findings: Analysis of the data revealed that teachers exhibited a favorable attitude toward TPACK knowledge. However, subject matter competence and classroom technology use should be improved. The findings show that secondary schools should focus on professional development to improve teachers' technology and content expertise.

Future Research Direction: Future studies should examine how educational background, teaching experience, and professional development opportunities affect instructors' TPACK. Comparative research across districts or regions may reveal TPACK and educational practices differences. Longitudinal studies could examine how TPACK training affects teaching and student results over time.