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Investigating Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE): A Comparative Study on the Views of Trained and Untrained Early Years Teachers in Karachi, Pakistan

Naheed Wasi | Dr. Ahmad Saeed |
Hamdard University |
Volume: 3 | Issue : 1 (2024/01/31)


Introduction: Research investigates into the nuanced setting of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) perspectives, comparing Trained and Untrained Teachers alongside individuals with an ECCE Perspective. The study aims to unravel the impact of formal training and personal experiences on teachers' understanding of ECCE, providing insights into the dynamics shaping early childhood education.

Methodology: A survey research design was employed, encompassing 90 participants, including Trained and Untrained Teachers. The study utilized a questionnaire and one-sample t-tests for quantitative analysis. Descriptive statistics illuminated mean perspectives, while reliability was assessed through Cronbach's Alpha. The research explored demographic variables, teacher training, and ECCE perspectives to capture a holistic view of the participants.

Results/Findings: Descriptive analyses revealed similar mean perspectives between Trained and Untrained Teachers, suggesting training may not significantly impact perceptions. However, individuals with an ECCE Perspective exhibited a distinctive lower mean score, emphasizing the influence of personal experiences. Reliability analyses indicated consistent internal validity in the measurement tools.

Future Direction/Implication: Future research should qualitatively explore specific training components influencing perspectives, consider longitudinal studies, and expand the comparative analysis to diverse cultural contexts. Intervention programs blending theoretical knowledge and experiential learning are recommended, along with policy considerations for a balanced teacher education approach. Embracing a multi-faceted exploration of ECCE perspectives ensures continuous improvement in early childhood education practices.