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Challenges Faced by English Language Teachers in The Implementation of Continuous Professional Development

Muhammad Arab Abbasi | Ali Gohar Chang | Abdul Hafeez |
IBA-Public School Sukkur |
Volume: 3 | Issue : 1 (2024/02/22)


Introduction: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is essential for educators to enhance educational quality and adapt to evolving challenges. This study investigates the challenges encountered by English Language Teachers (ELTs) in implementing CPD at community colleges in rural Sindh, Pakistan.

Methodology: Qualitative methods were employed to analyze the perceptions of 22 ELTs regarding CPD. Their perceptions revealed two major categories: CPD for Multidimensional Development and CPD as a Tool for Professional Growth.

Results/Findings: ELTs expressed varied perceptions of CPD, with some considering it instrumental for enhancing teaching skills, lesson planning, and content selection, while others found it impractical. These findings resonate with existing literature, highlighting the necessity for tailored and effective CPD programs aligned with teachers' needs.

Implication/Future Direction: Recommendations include integrating desired techniques into CPD programs, promoting
 active participation, and aligning CPD initiatives with educational objectives. Addressing challenges in CPD implementation is crucial for ensuring teacher effectiveness and enhancing student learning outcomes in community colleges. This study contributes to filling research gaps and offers insights for future CPD strategies, particularly in the context of rural education.