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Pragmatics Insights of Pakistani English: An analysis of Congratulatory Acts and Apology Responses

Syed Rehmat | Dr. Imran Ahmed | Shahnawaz Maqbool |
Greenwich University | Govt. Premier College |
Volume: 3 | Issue : 1 (2024/02/22)


Introduction: This study delves into linguistic aspects among Pakistani English-speaking students, focusing on their perspectives regarding expressions of congratulations and apologies. It aims to elucidate the influence of cultural, individual, and gender-specific factors on these expressions within the Pakistani context.

Methodology: A qualitative approach was employed to gather viewpoints from Pakistani English-speaking students regarding congratulations and apologies. Data were collected through interviews and analyzed thematically to identify recurring themes and patterns.

Results/Findings: The findings underscore the cultural significance of accountability, empathy, and sincerity in apologies among Pakistani English-speaking students. Gender differences were observed, with female students placing more emphasis on timing and interpersonal relationships in receiving apologies, while male students tended to respond in a straightforward manner. Additionally, male students occasionally exhibited unprofessional responses in congratulatory situations, though both genders recognized the importance of cultural expressions.

Implication/Future Direction: Understanding and respecting these cultural and gender-specific differences are crucial for effective communication among English-speaking Pakistani students. Future research could explore strategies for enhancing cross-cultural communication skills and promoting mutual understanding in diverse linguistic contexts.